"Today I have chosen to pass on my knowledge to others and to share my love of food and cooking with the Hong Kong community."

Born and raised in a conservative Hindu-Punjabi household in New Delhi, many of the memories from my childhood involve my Mum's cooking. My mother was a passionate cook, and her food was always laden with flavours and love, while remaining healthy and vegetarian. Our household was always busy, crowded with friends and family dropping in unannounced to enjoy my mother's meals. She still sends me home cooked food if she finds out a friend is visiting Hong Kong from India.  


As I've travelled from country to country, I have stayed true to my Mum's style of cooking but have also been able to learn a lot about the food which I spend so much time preparing. Initially I aspired to expose the Australian community in which I lived to vegetarian, healthy, but tasty, food in a small venture called Dahl Connection, which quickly became a successful little business. I, and two of my closest friends worked to provide mothers from our children's primary school with home cooked vegetarian family packs. I wanted to give the mothers in my community an alternative to greasy take-out and show them that meat-less meals can also be incredibly tasty. Today I have chosen to pass on my knowledge to others and to share my love of food and cooking with the Hong Kong community.


Having a child with a disability has opened my eyes to a new way of living and eating, having only served organic and allergy free cooking in my household for the past 16 years. I have invented my own recipes and sometimes changed the old ones to maintain my organic and healthy way of cooking. My cooking class aims to, not only expose it's attendees to the intoxicating flavours of Indian home-cooked meals but also to educate on the health benefits of certain foods and the benefits of organic, healthy living.


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